Utility Networks

Over 25 years of experience has made Troy a diversified pipeline construction expert with unmatched experience and a safety record that proves we care for our employees and clients.

Our capacity to simultaneously construct multiple pipelines across the world and our development of many modern pipeline construction techniques puts Troyamong the elite in the pipeline construction field.

We have the resources, skills and manpower to complete every kind of pipeline work, ranging from small stationsand small networks to large diameter pipeline networks.

Having a wide range of manpower and equipment, Troy can mobilize personnel and equipment to any location. Troy's pipeline construction division consistently exceeds the expectations of its clients..

Our excellent safety and workforce management track record combined with our mobilization and transition expertise ensure our clients achieve a smooth and successful construction outcome every time.

Our wide range of pipeline construction services (New Installation / Replacement / Refurbishment / O & M) include, but are not limited to:

Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) Pipelines

Potable Water Pipelines

Sewage & Drainage Pipelines

Irrigation Pipelines

Pumping Stations

Tanks / Dams / Water Storage