Troy Family

Troy family consists of professionals from all over the world working towards a common goal. Troy is of the opinion that its employees could be provided with job satisfaction, motivation and development by employing them in the right job in accordance with their education, knowledge, experience and competences and that the assessments that are made in the recruitment process is likely to determine its employees` success in upcoming periods.

In Troy we respect the uniqueness of each individual employee. The Diversity and inclusion of thought, skill, knowledge and culture in Troy enables employees to achieve their full potential without being discriminated on the basis of factors such as religion, age, gender. Diversity strengthens us by promoting unique viewpoints and challenging each of us, every day, to think beyond our traditional frames of reference. We are committed to building a talented and diverse workforce, and to creating an environment in which every employee has the opportunity to excel based on his or her performance. These are the core principles upon which we have operated for many years.

Your growth is our collective growth, hence you will receive opportunities to build your career, have your contribution rewarded, have your commitment recognized and thus, lead an enriched life as an individual. With an abundance of possibilities, a reservoir of knowledge and the desire to augment the growth of its people, Troy Engineering believes in offering each and every one of you ‘A World of Opportunities'.