The human resources policy defines the human resources strategies which are in line with Troy`s vision, mission & values in order to add value to Troy and its employees.

Our human resources strategy aims to continuously develop the skills of our people, maximizing their potential and achieving the highest possible level of performance. The recruitment and selection process is of paramount importance in order to recruit staff with the necessary skills and attributes to enable TROY to fulfil its corporate goals and objectives. As our industry becomes ever-more global, a diverse team that reflects the regions and cultures we operate, as well as the genders, is vital.We recognize this need, and our skills development model is aimed at strengthening our performance in a multi-disciplinary and multi-regional market. This is to give our client’s truly international service and our people a whole world of opportunities.

Learning and Development Activity

Whether it’s health, safety and environment, quality, technical, work-winning, behavioural or leadership and management development, we have bespoke development activities designed to meet the needs of our people and the business. Coaching and mentoring are also important features of our employees’ continuing growth in their chosen career.

Look at what Mr. Ullatil Achu, General Manager of Troy and CEO of the group, said, “Troy has built a solid reputation within the market which wouldn’t be possible without the support of the employees which are its most valuable asset.”

Considering our employees as the most valuable asset, we strive to prepare the ground for people to grow, whether in technological, project management or leadership roles. We are creating the right conditions to develop home-grown leaders and offer various career opportunities to our people.

This will lead us to a stronger performance and competitiveness; our teams are what take us further every day.